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Modern Workspaces: The Race of Corporations

Nowadays, corporations are outdoing themselves with ideas for furnishing their office spaces, aiming to create places that are not only functional, but also provide employees with various workplace amenities. Among the many innovative solutions that are gaining popularity, a special place is held by Keywords in Katowice, Poland, which opted for an unusual element – a slide connecting two floors at the central point of the office.

Innovation and Employee Wellbeing

Keywords, known for testing computer games, has gone a step further in thinking about the well-being of its employees. In addition to standard office furnishings such as ergonomic office furniture and acoustic booths, the company has invested in creating a relaxation and play area. Chill and play is where employees can play consoles or billiards. Rocking chairs, a cinema room and a gym are other amenities designed to enhance team well-being and promote group cohesion.

But the real highlight that sets the Keywords office apart from other companies is the slide. This innovative design not only makes it easier to move between floors, but brings an element of fun and lightness to the office. Instead of standard, often monotonous office spaces, employees were given the opportunity to quickly and pleasantly move to a different work zone, which undoubtedly contributes to a positive atmosphere in the company.

Office amenities are an investment in people: the Key to Success!

This approach to workspace design shows that Keywords takes seriously not only the quality of its services, but also the well-being of its employees. Investing in office amenities that improve well-being and team integration translates into better work performance, greater creativity and engagement. The slide in the office, although it may seem an unusual piece of equipment, fits perfectly into this philosophy, offering employees a moment of joy and a break from their daily duties.

Inspiring Workplaces: The Future of Corporations

In an era where working conditions and office atmosphere are critical to talent acquisition and retention, Keywords sets the bar high, demonstrating that an investment in workplace amenities and employee well-being is an investment in a company’s success. This is an example of how workspaces can be transformed into places that inspire, motivate and foster creativity!

A full description of the implementation for Keywords in Katowice can be found here.

Liliana Skrzypiec
COO & Marketing Manager w Human Office
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