ARCHISONIC® Cotton: an innovative acoustic material

ARCHISONIC® Cotton: an innovative step towards sustainable acoustics

Eco acoustic panel made of Archisonic Cotton material from Impact Acoustic

ARCHISONIC® Cotton, made from natural raw materials, is a revolutionary solution in the field of acoustic materials, enabling a closed-loop system through the use of cellulose. Unlike conventional acoustic materials, our solution allows the absorbers to be fully incorporated back into the manufacturing process, which contributes to environmental protection.

Excellent sound absorption and sustainability

This patented material offers excellent sound absorption while maintaining sustainability. Each acoustic tile is carefully crafted to be fully recyclable. This allows 100% of the material to be seamlessly returned to production at the end of its life cycle, minimizing waste and optimizing resource use.

Use of cotton industry by-product

ARCHISONIC® Cotton uses cotton cellulose, a byproduct of the cotton industry, and other natural materials, without the use of synthetic binders or chemicals. This promotes a healthier indoor environment and, thanks to natural raw materials, Cotton is fully compostable.

Palette of natural shades

ARCHISONIC® Cotton offers a range of 24 natural earthy shades, selected by Colour Hive, which perfectly complement the ARCHISONIC® Felt collection. No aggressive chemical dyes are used, underscoring our commitment to sustainability.

archisonic cotton colors

Color-conscious approach

To address the climate challenge, industries must rethink their processes and relationships with color. Our approach, working with nature, offers alternative production and consumption systems. In addition, ARCHISONIC® Cotton promotes the well-being of users by creating healthier and more comfortable spaces.

archisonic cotton ecological materials

Recognition in the world

Featured in leading magazines such as Forbes and awarded with prestigious accolades, ARCHISONIC® Cotton demonstrates environmental responsibility and exceptional quality.

Eco acoustic panels made of Archisonic Cotton material from Impact Acoustic


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