How to increase productivity in Open Space with soundproof booths?

With the challenges of working in an open office space, there is a simple yet innovative way to improve concentration and efficiency of tasks that require focus. A soundproof booth, otherwise known as an acoustic booth, placed in a strategic location, can become a key element in increasing employee productivity. It makes it possible to create a private oasis of calm, where noise and distraction give way to silence and concentration. In this post, we take a look at how a soundproof booth can contribute to better open space management and improve the overall well-being of a team. Be sure to read on!

Open Space Challenges: how does noise affect your Team?

Working in an open environment, while fostering cooperation and communication, often becomes a source of unwanted disruption. Particularly troublesome can be the constant level of noise, generated by the conversations of colleagues, ringing phones or outside sounds, which negatively affect the concentration and efficiency of the team. In such conditions, an acoustic booth can prove to be an invaluable tool to enable workers to find the peace and quiet needed to perform tasks that require focus. Providing a quiet space allows to significantly improve the well-being of employees and reduce stress, which directly translates into higher productivity and better performance of the entire team.

Why are soundproof cabins the solution to noise?

Finding an effective way to reduce the negative impact of noise in the workplace is key to maintaining a highly effective team. The soundproof booth meets this need by providing an individual space that isolates from the external sounds and distractions typical of open space. Such a solution allows employees to focus on their tasks in conditions that guarantee privacy. In addition, the ability to use a booth promotes better time management. It is also not insignificant that these stalls are often equipped with modern ventilation systems, which further improves comfort. As a result, their installation is becoming an increasingly popular solution in offices around the world.

How can soundproof booths reduce stress and improve employee focus?

Finding quiet in the hustle and bustle of open space may seem difficult, but it is not impossible by using the right solutions. The soundproof cabin provides an ideal place for employees to escape from the hustle and bustle of their surroundings. This is extremely important for reducing stress levels and increasing the ability to concentrate. The use of such booths in the office space makes it possible to perform tasks that require deep concentration without interference, which directly improves work efficiency.

Easy ways to incorporate soundproof booths into your office

Integrating new elements into an existing space can be a challenge. However, the installation of a soundproof cabin is simpler than it seems. The first step is to identify the area in the office where such a booth would bring the most benefit. The next step is to choose the model that best suits users’ needs. Available you will find soundproof cabins for comfortable work. The installation of such a solution does not require complex construction work and can be implemented in a short period of time, minimizing disruption to the daily work of the office.

Increase productivity with soundproof cabins

Wondering how to achieve higher levels of efficiency in an office environment where noise and distractions are the order of the day? The soundproof booth creates an isolated space that allows employees to focus on tasks without outside distractions. The installation of such stalls can therefore contribute to better results. In addition, access to a quiet and aesthetically pleasing room significantly improves employee comfort. Don’t delay and check out Available’s innovative solutions!

Liliana Skrzypiec
COO & Marketing Manager w Human Office
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