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Armchair Pod: The Perfect Solution for Relaxation Zones

The Pod armchair is an ideal choice for relaxation areas in offices and public spaces such as hotel lobbies. It provides a sense of privacy and comfort in large or crowded places, creating a “room within a room” feel without the traditional restrictions. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry.

Unique Design and Personalization Capabilities

The Pod chair catches the eye with its modern design and is highly customizable. You can customize the color of the frame, choose from 11 PET felt blends for the shell and combine them with any fabric to create a unique piece of customized furniture.

Benjamin Hubert’s Innovative Project

The Pod PET Felt armchair is the result of two years of research under the direction of designer Benjamin Hubert, founder of creative agency LAYER. Hubert has worked with leading brands such as Samsung, Nike, BMW and Herman Miller, a testament to his influence in the design world.

PET Felt Technology

The use of recycled PET bottles to create the molded felt makes the Pod chair a sustainable alternative to large upholstered furniture. PET felt is durable, has excellent acoustic properties and is both recycled and recyclable.

Wellbeing and Comfort

The Pod armchair supports users’ wellbeing by offering a peaceful place to relax and calm down. Thanks to the acoustic properties of PET felt, it helps reduce noise, which is crucial for concentration and relaxation.

Under Armchair in Projects

The Pod chair is often used in offices, hotel lobbies, lounges, co-working spaces and restaurants. Have you used the Pod PET Felt chair in your project? We would love to hear from you!

The Pod armchair combines modernity, comfort and a sustainable approach to design, supporting the wellbeing of users and enhancing quality of life.

Anna Pietrzak
Project Manager
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