Elegance and craftsmanship in a set of hangers from Ibride

Design and workmanship

Des Mains Habiles’ set of three wall hangings is an elegant combination of functionality and aesthetics. Designed by Elsa Pochat, these hangers are made of high-pressure laminate with metal and wood inlays, which gives them a unique character. The set includes hangers in black, gold and wood, allowing you to create a harmonious composition on the wall. Manufactured in France, the hangers combine modern design with traditional craftsmanship.

Tribute to artisans

Ibride collaborated with designer Elsa Pochat to create the “De Bonnes Mains” collection, a set of wall hangings in the shape of hands. Each hanger assumes a unique position, resembling the gestures of an artisan working on the material to create a unique item. By choosing this body part, the designer wanted to pay tribute to the artisans, their ability to transform raw materials and the nobility of irreplaceable manual skills.

Craftsmanship in the service of design

Ibride hangers are the most artisanal product in our range. They have been finely crafted in our workshop in Besançon using inlay techniques and wood and metal assembly, ensuring delicacy and precision in their construction. The result is a smooth transition between different materials, with no sudden changes.


Des Mains Habiles is not only a practical solution for organizing space, but also a unique decorative piece that combines modern design and traditional craftsmanship. When you choose these hangers, you bring into your home the elegance and nobility of handcrafted items that pay tribute to the skills of artisans.

Ewa Małek
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