Ergonomic arms from Humanscale

In today’s digitized world, where working long hours in front of a monitor screen seems to be an already inevitable daily occurrence, employee health and comfort become a key priority. Therefore, choosing the right tools, such as monitor arms, plays an important role in ensuring work efficiency and employee well-being. Human Office is pleased to recommend monitor arms from Humanscale as an excellent choice for any modern office.


Monitor arm vs. ergonomics

Monitor arms allow you to hang screens above your desk, saving valuable desk space. With their help, you can easily adjust the position of the monitor to your preference – adjust the height, tilt angle and rotate the screen horizontally and vertically, which helps avoid the discomfort of an inappropriate body position and minimize eye fatigue. The M/Flex’s modular design allows for easy reconfiguration and independent adjustment of several monitors.


Simple installation and multifunctionality

Humanscale monitor arms are equipped with modern mechanisms that allow easy installation and operation. Compatible with various models of monitors, they are the ideal solution regardless of the specifications of the equipment in the office.

Option with docking station

The monitor arm docking station is an advanced solution that allows you to connect various devices and monitors, while providing an aesthetically pleasing workstation. Innovative split dock technology allows all cables to be connected under the desk and off the work surface. The easy-to-access desktop hub gives users instant access to data, charging and audio ports.


Health and comfort of the employee in the first place

Monitor arms from Humanscale are designed to reduce muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back, helping to reduce the risk of injury and discomfort associated with office work. Advanced features such as Weight-Compensating Spring Technology and Humanscale‘s Smart Stop function allow the personalization and flexibility needed in today’s rapidly changing workplace.

Ideal for hybrid work

The ideal set we recommend is an electric desk combined with monitor arms and a chair with an automatic mechanism. Arranged in this way, the workstation provides ergonomics and flexibility at the highest level.


Check out the wide range of our online store

In our online store you will complete a perfectly optimized ergonomic workstation, tailored to your needs and preferences. We invite you to take a look at our wide range of products.

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