Panarea from Pedrali: Mediterranean elegance and durability in your outdoor space

Panarea: outdoor chair from Pedrali

Inspiration and design

Panarea is an outdoor chair, the idea of which comes from the Mediterranean coast, full of colors and a refreshing breeze while dining on a terrace overlooking the sea. It’s a combination of tradition and modernity that perfectly fits the atmosphere of coastal spaces.

pedrali panrea outdoor set

Materials and workmanship

The Panarea chair features a traditional element made of polypropylene rope hand-woven in Italy, which wraps around a 20mm diameter steel frame. The seat cushion is made of polyurethane foam with a dry feel, covered with fabric made of the same yarn as the braided element. These materials make the chair not only comfortable, but also durable and weatherproof, making it an ideal choice for the outdoors.

panrea pedrali chairs

Style and functionality

Panarea is not only a practical solution for gardens, terraces or balconies, but also a stylish addition that enhances the elegance of any outdoor space. The traditional hand-woven design combined with modern materials creates a unique and visually appealing chair that catches the eye and adds character to any setting.


The Panarea chair from Pedrali is the quintessence of Mediterranean style and functionality. Its design based on Mediterranean coastal inspiration, traditional materials and modern construction makes it an ideal choice for any outdoor space that is meant to be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

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