In the world of contemporary furniture design, the search for a combination of aesthetics, functionality and comfort is an ongoing challenge. Responding to diverse customer needs,
Human Office presents modern solutions that delight both visually and in use. Among the latest innovations we recommend are the SKETCH series sofas from JOHANSON DESIGN, which provide exceptional space comfort in a unique style.

Prestigious design

“Sketch” is a series that was originally produced to celebrate Sweden’s presidency of the European Union in 2023. At the time, it was part of THE YELLOW THREAD installation, located in Brussels. Now, after debuting at Stockholm Design Week in 2024, the concept is ready to be introduced to the market. Färg & Blanche, designers from Sweden, describe their latest project as “a three-dimensional sketch that suddenly becomes reality.” A distinctive feature of the SKETCH line is the use of a distinctive hardware seam, which serves a dual function – both design and construction. The recognizable form, minimalist Scandinavian design, bold color combinations and unusual overlock stitch add to the design’s unique character. The dialogue of fabric with bold color in pop aesthetics are modern proposals with a hint of the 1970s.

SKETCH collection from JOHANSON like Tetris blocks

Modular sofas and poufs provide tremendous flexibility and unlimited arrangement possibilities. They do an excellent job in public spaces, offering the possibility to create armchairs, sofas and benches. The SKETCH series from JOHANSON DESIGN offers a wide range of sizes and configurations, allowing you to customize a piece of furniture to meet your individual needs and requirements. Whether you need a compact sofa for a small living room or a large, multi-person option for a spacious office space, SKETCH sofas are sure to meet your expectations.

Durability, aesthetics and comfort in one

The distinguishing feature of Johanson Design furniture is not only its aesthetics, but also its high quality workmanship. SKETCH sofas are made of the best materials, which ensures not only an attractive appearance, but also long-lasting functionality and high comfort. Sturdy construction and high-quality fabrics or leather make these sofas not only beautiful, but also durable and easy to maintain.

Design in the Eco trend

All parts of the steel substructure of the sofas are renewable. Synthetic material upholstery and frames ensure no C.F.C. emissions.
By choosing products recommended by Human Office you are being eco-friendly and helping to take care of our Planet.

Check out the SKETCH collection in our online store

For those looking for a unique combination of aesthetics, functionality and comfort, SKETCH sofas from JOHANSON DESIGN are an excellent choice. We invite you to get acquainted with an interesting offer of sofas of the SKETCH line in the Human Office online store.

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