THE CON – container acoustic booth


Do you hear? We are surrounded by it practically all day long. The noise of cars, conversations, phone rings, the sound from the radio – all these sounds overlap and distract us, annoy us and prevent us from focusing on the task at hand.

So how do you achieve the desired peace and quiet?

At Available, a team of specialists has created a product that cannot be overlooked. The THE CON acoustic booth with its appearance refers to the look of a container, and through the use of flashy colors it stands out and decorates the interior of offices. But looks are just an added bonus…

THE CON acoustic booth can be equipped with double glazing (glazed door and back wall) or with a full acoustic back. In the first option, the acoustic booth is brighter, more light comes in and there is no feeling of isolation from the surroundings. In the second option, the acoustic booth has better soundproofing parameters, and this version is recommended by us if you plan to place the acoustic booth against a wall, for example. Inside the acoustic booth there is a seat and a table for work, as well as a 230V power outlet. THE CON also comes standard with ventilation to provide fresh air and additional lighting necessary for work. Ventilation and lighting turn on automatically thanks to a presence sensor mounted inside the shed. All you have to do is enter the stall and the systems will automatically activate lighting and ventilation. When the stall is lowered, the controller will force an air change after using the stall before the next user arrives, ensuring proper comfort, hygiene and safety. You only need one outlet in the wall or in the floor (floorbox) to connect the shed. THE CON acoustic booth has two power inputs to choose from for your convenience – on the left and on the right side so as to avoid tangled cables around the acoustic booth. The acoustic booth is controlled by an intelligent system that controls the installations automatically.

THE CON is an easily convertible, portable stall. It takes up only 1m2 of space and can be placed directly at the workstation. It is made in a modular way, so it is possible to disassemble it and take it like any other mobile furniture in case of changing offices to a new office location.

Acoustic booth – Specifications

  • external 100x100x223
  • internal 81x87x201
  • finishing from the outside – MDF and trapezoidal sheet, varnish from RAL, NCS palette
  • finish on the inside – acoustic felt, 12 colors to choose from
  • floor – acoustic carpet 45 colors to choose from
  • presence sensor integrated with lighting
  • led lighting
  • active ventilation
  • 1 x 230V internal socket
  • seat in felt type upholstery
  • white top

Acoustic booth – possible modifications

The elements that we can complete according to our preferences are:

Interior wall felt color.

Exterior wall paint color any of the 1950 NCS color palette.

Color and type of floor covering any from the current offer of DESSO or MODULYSS.

In addition, there is a choice of seat:

  • Permanently installed seat designed by Available
  • free-standing hocker

Logo or graphics on the wall of the booth.

Mateusz Piątek
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