Wall graphics – more than decoration

Every element of an office space matters, which is why information graphics on walls are becoming an increasingly popular solution used in offices and commercial spaces. They are not just decoration; they have many important functions, from telling the company’s story to motivating employees to providing practical directions.

Telling the Story and Values

Information graphics can serve as a silent guide to a company’s history and values. By creatively depicting important moments in the organization’s development or the key values that guide it, they help build a stronger bond between employees and the company. It is a way of reminding each day what is the heart of the activity and what is created together each day.

Motivate and Inspire

Wall information graphics can also serve a motivational function. Slogans and quotes that inspire action, remind people of the organization’s mission or emphasize the importance of hard work and commitment are great fuel for daily motivation. Placed in strategic locations, they can be a daily reminder of goals and aspirations.

Wayfinding: Aids to Orientation

In larger offices and commercial spaces, where it is easy to get lost, information graphics also serve a practical role. They help with orientation, pointing the way to different parts of the building, which not only facilitates daily operations, but also improves the experience of visitors and new employees. This is especially important in spaces with multiple offices, conference rooms or breakout areas.

Liliana Skrzypiec
COO & Marketing Manager w Human Office
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