Greenberg Traurig office

It is a minimalist office in its expression, with a palatial and bold sculpture in the entrance area, framed by paintings by Polish artists and dressed with premium furniture and finishes.

In today’s day and age, when most of the day is spent in the office, the functional, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly design of social and leisure areas is becoming a significant challenge. We increasingly value well-being and comfort, and therefore also ergonomics of work in a pleasant space that is adapted to the dynamically changing needs of today’s office.
An excellent answer to these needs is the elegant, modern headquarters of Warsaw law firm Greenberg Traurig, located on three floors of the high-rise Varso Tower.

Human Office was pleased to collaborate with Bit Creative studio on this prestigious project. The office occupies an impressive 5,000 sqm, and impresses with an elegant, multifunctional entrance area and an unconventional, office-like solution for the employee area.

“The heart” of the space, as the designers describe, is a creatively designed entrance area with a spectacular exposure to the Warsaw skyline. The use of modular, mobile solutions makes it possible to arrange it for different types of functions – events, conferences or recreation – with a small amount of space. Refined to the smallest detail, the interior is characterized by minimalism, as well as bright, warm colors and timeless, cozy materials. Works of art, including those by Polish artists, provide an interesting, distinctive accent to the space.
An interesting solution is the interior staircase connecting the floors, a recognizable landmark of the new Greenberg Traurig office. In accordance with the principles of well-being, the design assumptions in the predominantly office zone provide for an office layout, while the open space area provides highly comfortable acoustic solutions and vegetation. There are also rooms for individual work, coffe points, a kitchen and a public library with a reading room.

Project details
Lokalizacja: Varso Tower, Chmielna 69, Warsaw
Data realizacji: 2022
Metraż: 5000 m2
Architekt: Bit Creative

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