PwC Office

In our collaboration on the realization of PwC's new office headquarters, we focused on building a harmonious space designed with the Wellbeing philosophy in mind.


The new PwC Service Delivery Center office is not only a workplace, but also a space that fosters integration, communication and collaboration. The new headquarters, located in the heart of Silesia, was designed and realized with the well-being of employees in mind and the introduction of innovative solutions in terms of acoustic comfort and flexibility of space corresponding to, among other things. hybrid work model. Due to the unusual location of the office, culture, art and regional traditions became one of the main guidelines in the design developed by The Design Group.


Wellbeing and Caring for the Employee in the First Place

Our philosophy is based on the firm belief that the work environment has a huge impact on employee performance. That’s why when we collaborate on projects, we focus on creating workplaces that promote health, harmony and inspiration.

PWC’s new headquarters is a bright, welcoming space with a sleek, somewhat industrial feel, combining modern design with cozy touches. The design emphasizes materials and solutions that meet specific environmental requirements and standards, provide high comfort and safety, and perfectly fit with the philosophy ofWellbeing and attention to employee needs.

The flexibility of the space is a key element to customize the workplace to meet the individual needs of employees. The office offers a variety of zones: from quiet areas for concentration to open spaces conducive to team collaboration. This allows each employee to find the right place for them, supporting their efficiency and comfort. In the project, we provided appropriate furniture and equipment to support healthy posture: ergonomic office chairs, height-adjustable desksand other ergonomic accessories.


Green Zones – Office Full of Life

A very important role in the office is played by interesting compositions of both standing and hanging vegetation. Plants improve air quality, reduce stress levels, enhance aesthetics and create a pleasant atmosphere, which is key to well-being and productivity. Green oases placed throughout the office create a harmonious space that combines functionality with aesthetics and comfort, positively influencing mood, motivation and creativity.


High Acoustic Comfort

The solutions used in the project: sound-absorbing panels, carpets, quiet zones, acoustic partitions, and soundproof booths provide adequate noise management to ensure a peaceful working environment.



Integration and Relaxation Zones

In today’s world full of numerous stimuli and rapid change, rest is no longer becoming just a luxury or privilege, but almost a necessity. In keeping with the Wellbeing philosophy, the office provides numerous chillout areas, exercise, meditation and relaxation spaces full of beautiful vegetation and an impressive observation deck, offering the employee a harmonious, welcoming space. A pleasant and inspiring office design promotes a positive mood.


Friendly and Readable Space

Every element of an office space matters, which is why neon signs and informational graphics on walls are becoming an increasingly popular solution in offices and commercial spaces. They serve many important functions , from telling the company’s story, to motivating employees, to providing practical guidance. Modern design, a well-chosen color scheme, wayfinding, motivational graphics and murals influence the legibility and personalization of the space, which is perfectly illustrated by the solutions at PwC’s new headquarters.

Creative information graphics help build a stronger bond between employees and the company. It is a way of reminding each day what is the heart of the activity and what is created together each day. The slogans and quotes on the walls inspire and motivate. Placed in strategic places, they remind people of their goals and aspirations.


Project details
Lokalizacja: Katowice, .KTW II building
Data realizacji: 2023
Metraż: 13 000 m2
Architekt: The Design Group

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