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We encourage you to learn more about our supply of equipment for Allegro - office home This project received the award for the best commercial space in Poland in 2017 - the Prime Property Prize 2017 statuette.

The project received the award for the best commercial space in Poland in 2017 – the Prime Property Prize 2017 statuette.

This category awards commercial spaces (office, retail, service, hotel and catering) for the best design, innovative architectural and design solutions, original and functional equipment, modern technologies. Interiors where the comfort of employees and customers comes first were taken into consideration.

Home is a place you return to. It evokes positive associations, we want to spend time in it. In it we perform daily chores, cook but most importantly relax. We share it with our family, invite friends and acquaintances to join us.

An office, on the other hand, we associate with a cold place, with unpleasant diffused light and noise, with a tangle of long corridors without natural light and unfamiliar co-workers hidden in closed rooms. Are we happy to do our work in such a place? Are these the kind of places we want to return to?

What if the office looked like a house? If we had used different finishing materials when designing the office, used more wood, warm colors and thought of more plants?

What if meetings were not held in a sexless conference room, but in a place arranged like a living room? Could a creative meeting space look like a garage? Couldn’t the common space for all employees be a kitchen open to the living room and conservatory?

Workplace architects answered all these questions in the affirmative and so designed the new Warsaw headquarters of Allegro Group. They have managed to create a place where people want to return. A space that helps build relationships. An environment where everyone will find the space to accomplish a task in a diverse, mobile and creative melting pot.

Up to 450 people can work in Allegro’s new office in the Q22 building on three floors. At 5,500 sqm of space, we have offered tailored office spaces to meet diverse needs, responding to the specifics of work.

Agile teams will find their place on the 11th and 12th floors. These floors are a structured collage of small offices (by the windows), within a larger ecosystem of shared spaces. The so-called “mini-offices” contain three zones: desks, a room enclosed behind glass for focused work or video calls for up to three people, and a creative zone for brainstorming.

The thirteenth floor opens with a reception area that is like a green courtyard in front of the house. Heading to the left you will enter the actual house. You’ll pass an anteroom with meeting rooms and an amphitheater seating area to finally reach a central location, a conservatory and in the courtyard, where you can sit in the networking area on a shuffleboard and chat casually.

Main design considerations:

  • Flexible and functional space for any type of task, e.g. focused work, creative work, formal meeting, ad-hoc meeting
  • A number of zones to encourage informal meetings, relationship building and knowledge sharing
  • Flexible, large and shared social-networking space, with the possibility of a town-hall meeting
  • Board area without offices, teamwork and a common bench type table

Specifics of work: varied, from administrative to highly creative functions

% of space dedicated to individual work (desks): 58%

% of support space (for meetings, social, other): 42%

Project details
Lokalizacja: Q22 building in Warsaw, al. John Paul 22
Data realizacji: 2018
Metraż: ca. 5,500 sqm
Ilość pracowników: 450 people
Architekt: Workplace
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